Truck Repair Shop

With our emergency truck repair, you'll never be left out in the cold, no matter where you are. We bring truck and trailer repair to the table.

Your payload is an important investment. Having a reliable heavy duty truck repair service on your side eliminates the possibilities of being stuck on the side of the road. Headquartered in Justice, IL, Andy's Truck & Trailer provides you with dedicated service you can count on. We want to be your one-stop truck repair shop for services like hydraulic repair service and engine maintenance.

Our trained team of excellent auto mechanics possess the expertise and experience to make sure your truck is in good working order. We provide quality truck repairs at outstanding prices in exchange for your commitment with us. From all heavy duty truck tries to heavy duty repair services, we can handle it all.

Call Andy's Truck & Trailer today to talk to a qualified truck repair shop about how we can assist you when you need expert truck repair service. We look forward to seeing you when you need us!

Heavy Duty Trailer Repair

Having functioning heavy equipment is integral to many types of work sites. This allows for the crops to be harvested, the land to be tilled, dirt to be moved and more. If a piece of equipment is down, it could turn the whole schedule in another direction and put make components of your project impossible to complete. With our diesel repair shop at Andy's Truck & Trailer, you can be rest assured that whenever a problem may arise, we’ll take care of it immediately.

We specialize in heavy duty trailer repair, giving you the best in the industry for all types of large machinery. We also act as a heavy duty truck repair service, taking our services on the road to wherever your location may be.

We also take care of diesel repair for those looking to keep their diesel vehicles in check. For more information on all of our mobile services, contact Andy's Truck & Trailer in Justice, IL today!

Truck Tires

Here at Andy's Truck & Trailer we have a wide selection of affordable quality truck and trailer tires. Our tire experts can help you pick out the perfect tires for you car in just one visit. We are known in the Justice, IL area for our diesel repair and honesty, so stop by our diesel repair shop today.

Tires can only last for so long. Driving to work every morning and running errands around town will eventually wear down your tires. This is where our new and used tire shop comes in. We provide car and truck tires for every budget. We can put brand new tires on your vehicle that will last those morning commutes, or we can set you up with used tires that will help keep some extra cash in your pocket without compromising excellence. Whatever you are looking for, we have quality products for all of your tire needs.

If you are looking for excellent truck tires, call Andy's Truck & Trailer in Justice, IL for more information.